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Weatherspoon & Voltz LLP | Raleigh

Guilty Pleasure Game of Thrones.
Vita 48; born in Charleston, S.C.; bachelor’s from Guilford College and law degree from UNC Chapel Hill; married with a dog, Yogi, and two cats, Onyx and Patches.
Why she chose to specialize in this field Before law school, I worked as a real-estate paralegal. After graduating, I decided to focus on commercial real estate because I was interested in how there were three aspects to every deal, all of which must be considered: the legal elements, the business elements and the psychological elements. I also like how it involves many other practice areas, such as trusts and estates, corporate law, environmental law, bankruptcy, planning and zoning, banking, construction law and eminent domain. It is never dull.
What she’d be if not a lawyer A marine biologist, studying either whales or sharks — or whale sharks!
Best advice received My father, who is also a lawyer, told me to make sure and return all my phone calls before I left the office for the day. He said this simple act demonstrates to your clients — and everyone else with whom you are interacting in your daily law practice — that they are important to you.
Recent reading The Accidental Empress and Sisi, both by Allison Pataki. My husband and I traveled through Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary a few years ago. I was fascinated by the stories of the Habsburg rulers we heard while traveling and quickly lost myself in these two books.
Favorite TV show Stranger Things. I love how the series expertly blends sci-fi, mystery and horror while allowing the audience to enjoy ’80s nostalgia. Plus, Winona Ryder!
Don’t ask her to Give up my Kindle e-reader. My husband says it’s the most expensive gift he’s ever given me.
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