Catching more flies with vinegar

When the market soured, stockbrokers Jenny Fulton and Ashley Furr started Miss Jenny's Pickles in Kernersville.

Minding the store

Cover story: Having the world's biggest retailer — Walmart — as the state's largest employer affects North Carolina's economy in ways obvious and subtle.

Shop till you drop

Up Front: North Carolina is increasingly becoming a state of shopkeepers as retail surges.

Regional Report Western February 2013

Moog Music, the famed maker of synthesizers, has grown and thrived in Asheville.

Regional Report Triangle February 2013

As a candidate for governor, Republican Pat McCrory pledged to make government more responsive to business, so he stocked his cabinet with secretaries who have executive experience, most of [...]

Regional Report Triad February 2013

A Greensboro developer has backed off an idea to turn the Reynolds Building in downtown Winston-Salem into an upscale hotel.

Regional Report Eastern February 2013

Debate continues over how to replace a section of N.C. 12 near Hatteras Island and the Outer Banks that has been rocked by strong storms in recent years.

Regional Report Charlotte February 2013

Apple Inc. amped up the fuel-cell operation at its Maiden data center from 4.8 to 10 megawatts.

Paved with good intentions

Free & Clear: Investing wisely in transportation would boost economic growth in North Carolina, but all transportation programs are not created equal.

New take on tax reform

Capital Goods: “The existing system isn’t going to work now or in the future,” says Sen. Bob Rucho, who wants to sub a broader state sales tax for those [...]

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