A world of knowledge

Cover story: RTI International thinks it can continue to flourish by using minds over matters.

Regional Report Triad November 2012

Red Oak Brewery's CEO says a state law requiring beer makers to turn all of their distribution over to wholesalers if they produce more than 25,000 31-gallon barrels in a year has stymied his [...]

Regional Report Triangle November 2012

Two Davidson College soccer teammates started Raleigh-based Creasman and Baltz Inc., a high-end pen maker.

Time to pay down the uncertainty principal

Free & Clear: Some have dismissed concerns about policy uncertainty as partisans attacking Obama. It’s more than a talking point, and it didn’t start with this [...]

Who reads us

Up Front: Business North Carolina's readers are an erudite bunch.

Hugh’s view

Looking back, Hugh McColl recalls two turning points in a career that created the biggest bank in America.

Regional Report Western November 2012

A Valle Crucis harness maker finds success by expanding to the military.

Regional Report Eastern November 2012

Sanderson Farms Inc., the nation’s fourth-largest chicken processor, announced in August it will open a hatchery in southern Nash County, the first step in a $91.4 million project that [...]

Catching grief in troubled waters

Capital Goods: The fishing industry in North Carolina faces a lot of uncertainty these days, and it does so without a dedicated champion in the legislature.

Regional Report Charlotte November 2012

Harris Teeter Supermarkets Inc., born in Charlotte and now based in the Queen City suburb of Matthews, has long dominated the upper end of the grocery market in and around its hometown, but a [...]