How top private companies are growing

Top private companies in North Carolina are growing by acquisitions, reinvesting, rebranding, introducing new products and gaining new partners.

Regional Report Triangle October 2012

Durham-based BioSignia Inc. says it can tame health-care increases for employers through its Web-based software that generates employee health assessments and the recent acquisition of a [...]

Regional Report Eastern October 2012

While drought has decimated the Midwest’s corn crop, the U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts North Carolina’s yield will rise nearly 36% per acre compared with last year.

The right man

Up Front: Behind-the-scenes of Business North Carolina's interviews with the two men running for N.C. governor


The business side of the Charlotte Bobcats gets a bounce from a season so lousy it set an NBA record.

Commercial consideraton

Cover story: Republican Pat McCrory and Democrat Walter Dalton tell how they plan to take care of business as governor.

The real score on the state’s schools

Free & Clear: If North Carolina were a country, we’d rank sixth among 24 industrialized countries in K-12 spending per student and first in higher-education spending.

Regional Report Western October 2012

Western North Carolina’s fiber-optic network originally focused on bringing high-speed Internet access to rural schools and libraries. But it has, along with an abundance of land and power, [...]

Regional Report Charlotte October 2012

Neither Bojangles Restaurants Inc. or Price's Chicken Coop in Charlotte received sales boosts from September's Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

New swing state is getting ads nauseam

Capital Goods: The onslaught of political advertising is good for television stations selling airtime but bad for anybody who has any regard for the truth.

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