Poyner’s pointers
A Raleigh law firm looks for a younger edge, hoping to sustain its success against larger rivals.
Guessing game
News bulletin: Stock forecasting is a crapshoot.
Mr. Smith goes to Chapel Hill
A leader in the UNC System’s new power structure, eastern N.C. investor Harry Smith savors efficiency.
Bo tied
After seven years of consistent growth, Bojangles’ stalls as costs rise and fast-food rivals slash prices.
Guilty Plea
Sixteen Tar Heel lawyers join our annual roster of the state's most prominent attorneys.


5 questions for Brenda Berg

Brenda Berg is the president & CEO of BEST NC, a nonpartisan organization of more than 100 business leaders with a focus on making education in North Carolina the best in the nation.

5 questions for Jim Roberts

Jim Roberts is like the “Johnny Appleseed” of entrepreneurship in North Carolina, having started or worked for five startup-development organizations across the state.

Toyota’s choice hurts, so what’s next for North Carolina?

Toyota-Mazda picked Alabama over North Carolina for a $1.6 billion plant. Consultant John Boyd analyzes the decision.

Best and worst N.C. stocks in 2017

It was a great year to own stocks, particularly LendingTree which led the performance of Carolinas-based stocks in 2017. Seven stocks gained at least 40%, while another 21 jumped 20% or more. [...]




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