Poyner’s pointers
A Raleigh law firm looks for a younger edge, hoping to sustain its success against larger rivals.
Guessing game
News bulletin: Stock forecasting is a crapshoot.
Mr. Smith goes to Chapel Hill
A leader in the UNC System’s new power structure, eastern N.C. investor Harry Smith savors efficiency.
Bo tied
After seven years of consistent growth, Bojangles’ stalls as costs rise and fast-food rivals slash prices.
Guilty Plea
Sixteen Tar Heel lawyers join our annual roster of the state's most prominent attorneys.


5 questions for Jim Roberts

Jim Roberts is like the “Johnny Appleseed” of entrepreneurship in North Carolina, having started or worked for five startup-development organizations across the state.

Toyota’s choice hurts, so what’s next for North Carolina?

Toyota-Mazda picked Alabama over North Carolina for a $1.6 billion plant. Consultant John Boyd analyzes the decision.

Best and worst N.C. stocks in 2017

It was a great year to own stocks, particularly LendingTree which led the performance of Carolinas-based stocks in 2017. Seven stocks gained at least 40%, while another 21 jumped 20% or more. [...]

Best stock ideas for 2018 by six NC pros

Six veteran investment pros selected their three favorite North Carolina stocks, and one to avoid, for 2018 in our annual forecasting contest. The prices are as of Dec. 1, 2017, when the pros [...]




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